This years’ European Trilinos User Group Meeting (EuroTUG2023) took place on June 28-30, 2023 on the campus of Delft University of Technology. After the EuroTUG meeting series resumed from a three-year break with an online edition last year, this years meeting was the first in-person EuroTUG meeting after the coronavirus pandemic. With more than 30 participants from various European universities as well as Trilinos developers Luc Berger-Vergiat and Nathan Roberts from the Sandia National Laboratories and Kokkos co-lead Damien Lebrun-Grandie from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the meeting was a complete success.

On the first day, the programme started with hands-on tutorials for beginners which were already well-attended and -received by the participants of the meeting. On the second and third day, the programme consisted of Trilinos developer talks with updates on selected product areas of Trilinos, user talks on use cases for and developments of Trilinos from the European community, as well as Kokkos tutorials. One highlight of the meeting was the keynote on High-Performance Computing at TU Delft given by Kees Vuik. The programme concluded with an open roundtable discussion among all participants on topics such as “shaping a European Trilinos community”, “how to contribute to Trilinos”, “accessibility of Trilinos”, and “maintenance of Trilinos”. More details on the programme can be found on the website of the meeting. During the breaks, the conference dinner, as well as after the official end of the programme there were lively discussions and an exchange of ideas and opinions.

The meeting was supported by the TU Delft Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (DCSE) and the Delft High Performance Computing Centre (DHPC). It has been jointly organized by by Alexander Heinlein (TU Delft, local organizer) and Matthias Mayr (UniBw M). In view of the success of EuroTUG2023, we are looking forward to EuroTUG2024, which will take place at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.